Pedal a draisine through the Torne Valley

Pedalling the draisine along a disused railway is an adventure that is exciting for young and old.  Tired in the legs? No problem! Then sit on the small bench and let your partner, friend or family member pedal instead.

Take a coffee break along the way

It is easy to pedal draisine and you choose your own pace. Bring your own coffee or order a coffee basket from the farm family, stop along the way and breathe the fresh air – an experience to preserve in your memory when winter comes. Remember to check out the old station houses as you pass by – a piece of history that looms along the rails.

Experience Sweden’s longest disused railway

Haparandabanan is Sweden’s longest disused railway, a whopping 93 kilometres from Morjärv to Haparanda. You start at Vitvattnet station in Kalix municipality and can choose which way you want to pedal. Or why not take a little ride both ways? Since the railway is closed, all you must do is to look out for other draisines and wildlife. And calm, just calm, all draisines have efficient brakes.

Along the track you will experience the Tornedalian nature closely. You’ll pedal through tunnels, over bridges, through forests and over open fields where the cows graze. If you are lucky, you will also meet a reindeer or two, because they roam freely in nature during the summer.

Looking for an exciting gift? Buy a gift card for a draisine experience. If you want to go big, you also add an overnight stay in one of our eco-cabins.

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Price Time
Rent a trolley: 2 adoults,1 child By arrangement when booking
190 SEK / hour Booking : Every day of the week
1100 SEK / over night




Phone: + 46 703034323

Facebook: RiipiBo

Payment options:

Invoice ( companies and associations )

Charge card



At delivery and picking up price is added by agreement..

If canceled ( timed )15% on the rent.

Facts about dressins

simple dressin

weight 70 kilos

room for 3 persons (1 child )

Place for picnic basket available

Fakta om banan

Tågtrafiken upphörde 2012

Morjärv till Haparanda 93 km

Karta o historik medföljer

Rastplatser är utmärkta

Trafikregler signeras och tas med