Wooden cabin of 24 m2

In the newly built cottage there is plenty of space.
Here it is self-catering and you consider eating out or inside. There is also a barbecue on the patio.
Drink your afternoon-coffee on the ” Liar-bench ” and look out over the lake.
During the midnight sun when you hardley want to sleep, it´s warm a long time on the terass. Maby you take the berrybucket and go for a walk in the woods.  You have the opporturnity to make your own juice or jam before yoy go home.
With solar panels, you get lightning indoors in late summer or when you need to.
The refrigerator is running when you arrive and the water is in place.

You have access to a separate wood-burning sauna with dressingroom. Firewood and towel are included. Saunas belongs in Tornedalen, almost every yard has a sauna. To sit inthe contiguus heat will purify your body and soul. You get both relaxed and cosily tired. After the bath, take time to enjoy the view from the sauna patio. If you are to lazy to make dinner you can put fire on the barbeque and have a sausage. Or order dinner from the farm.

Outdoorlou is an old facility. There is an ecological image to be found here, a Pacto-toilet. Towels and water are included.

This includes:

Large furnished terrace with a barbeque

2 smaller patios

4 bedds / bunk bed.  Bedclothing

Woodburning stove

Solar panel for lightning

Gas refridgerator

Gas stove



Location : 60 m from the road with views over lake and mountain.


Other information :


Non-running water

Carparking at the farm 200 m from cabin , luggage transport offered

Access bikes and boat


Price :

6200 SEK / week

990 SEK / day