Welcome to an oasis in the middle of nature

Take a break from everyday life and enjoy the tranquillity. Here at Riipibo, in the southern Torne Valley, guests can relax. Want to experience untouched nature? Do you want to stroll along the paths in the forest and pick berries and mushrooms? Then you’ve found the right place.

In summer, the midnight sun offers light until July 24 and from September you may be lucky to experience the very best spectacle in the skies: the Northern Lights.

Take the opportunity to make a trip along Sweden’s longest disused railway. The old Haparanda line is 93 km long and stretches all the way from Morjärv to Haparanda. Jump on the trolley and see how far the pedals will take you.

For those interested in fishing, both jetty and boat are available. Fishing equipment can be borrowed from the farm family. If you want to get up to higher altitudes, you can hike up Mount Pallakka, which offers views of four municipalities: Haparanda, Kalix, Överkalix and Övertorneå. 

We look forward to seeing you in the oasis in the middle of nature!

With us you get accommodation and activities with personal service and great flexibility. If you have special requests or need a transfer from bus, train or plane –   we will fix it.


We offer accomodation and activitis with personal service and great flexibility.

If yoy need transfer from bus, train or plain ,  we can arrange it for you.